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Pastor John O. Parker, Jr.

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Pastor John O. Parker, Jr. is a native of Martinsville, Virginia. He was raised and educated in Philadelphia, Pa. He has served as Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church since July of 1979. He currently resides in Deptford, NJ. He is married and is the father of six children and 11 grandchildren.

He has a heart for the community of Camden. Ministering to the whole man is his priority. He has worked with the mayors and governors of New Jersey to bring about a better environment for all.

Many ministries in Antioch have been instituted under his leadership. These ministries include: New member classes, Women's and Men's Ministries, Nursery, Clothing and Food Give-away, Couples, Singles, Youth Outreach, Street Evangelism, Audio and Video, Senior Citizens, and Antioch School of Biblical Studies. He has served for many years as the chairman of a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center.

Pastor Parker serves as a facilitator for the International Renewal Ministries of Philadelphia, Pa. He travels far and near to serve in Prayer Summits that help Pastors keep their perspective in ministry. He also hosts a Pastor's Prayer Summit at Antioch Baptist Church once a month.

Under his leadership the church has grown tremendously. The church has, out of necessity, built a new edifice on 7th and Master Streets in Camden, NJ. We are happy to report that we are in our new building as of October 15th, 2000.

Pastor Parker is an anointed, appointed and approved man of God. He has a unique style of preaching and teaching Gods Word to God's People. He loves God and praying for all people. Pastor says the greatest happening in Antioch has been the saving of over 1,300 souls.  Many have been added to the Church and have had their lives changed forever by the power of the Gospel.