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The Vision

The vision of Antioch Baptist Church is to develop a community of God's people who, as individuals and as a body, demonstrate the lordship of Jesus Christ, not only in our lives but also, in the lives of our city, our region and our world.

We seek to be a people who are forgiven and cleansed daily by God through the blood of Jesus. Everyday we seek to be more and more like Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and the instruction of God's Word. We seek to demonstrate the following qualities and attributes:

  • The Fruit of the Spirit
  • Dynamic Relationship with God
  • Comprehensive Outreach
  • In-depth equipping and training of members
  • Intimate sharing of our lives, gifts and resources
  • Caring for our fellowman
  • Effective management and stewardship in our ministry
We seek to be used by God to help build the Kingdom in Camden and throughout the world.